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Leisure Lee is a home for those with time to play with the sea. Sailors, beachcombers, cloud-watchers, sport fishermen, divers, enjoy easy access to a vast playground - The Sea of Abaco, the Abaco Cays, and the Atlantic Ocean. Step from your home into a boat, idle 50 yards down a protected canal, and make a choice.

Within the Sea of Abaco, there are 500 square miles of protected waters across which one can sail to any of 30 islands...the Abaco Cays. Anyone of these makes a destination to suit your mood. On some there is a choice of gourmet meals; on others there will be no one but yourselves. The nearest island is but 5 miles - its beaches within sight.

Just beyond this line of beautiful islands is one of the most spectacular and varied reefs in the world. The Abaco Reef shelters sportfish that attract tournament competitors from North America and Europe. But the big ones rest in caves to be seen or speared by only the deep divers.

Not that you need to go even that far to appreciate the sea. The canals at Leisure Lee make good swimming from your own back yard. Or walk a minute to a sandy beach, check the breeze, and decide to return for a picnic. Return with fins and snorkel to explore the shallows around the off- shore islets.

On days that boating is not an option, then an eight mile drive on the Abaco Highway takes you to bright lights and city traffic; the action of the resort community named Treasure Cay. There, in the company of other North Americans and Europeans, vacationers, yachtsmen, and residents, use a grocery store, a library, a post office, a marine store, a medical and dental clinic, swimming pools, tennis courts, golf course, another great beach, dining, dancing, and entertainment. It's a destination from which you return to appreciate all the more, the quiet of your retreat at Leisure Lee.

Over 20 scheduled flights call at the international jet port which is 14 miles northward on the highway. Our relatives fly in from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and West Palm in less than an hour. We can be in Paris overnight. Or be in Nassau in 30 minutes.

Underground utilities are in place, and roadways leading to canal and beach lots are landscaped with tropical shade trees. Most of the lots are equally shaded. The lots are modestly priced, and covenants control minimum building and landscaping standards.


Site plan (on-screen version):

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Q  How far is Leisure Lee from the main towns and airport?

A  Strategically located on the main highway 14 miles north of Marsh Harbour, a city/commerce center with international airport, and 7 miles south of Treasure Cay, a resort community with golf course, marina and additional international airport. Due to Treasure Cay’s Peninsula location the Treasure Cay fuel dock is a mere 2 miles by water from the Leisure Lee entrance. For the sport fisherman the Whale Cay Channel and the “drop off” is approximately 8 miles from the Leisure Lee entrance

Q  Are all the utilities available in Leisure Lee?

A  All utilities are available and are serviced underground. Electricity service comes from the islands main service station in Marsh Harbour and telephone service includes all of the modern features including DSL internet connections. Water service is provided and maintained by the Leisure Lee Home Owners Assoc. and is fed through an extensive pumping system from underground wells. 

Q  What is the depth within the canals?

A  The canals were formed in the early 70’s by cutting through solid limestone and as such experience no silting in making them today the same depth that they were during initial construction – an average of 8-12 feet at low tide. Seawall construction is advised and falls within the restrictive covenants for the purpose of uniformity.

Q  Are there restrictive covenants on the lots in Leisure Lee?

A  Yes, minimal restrictive covenants are conveyed with all lot purchases. Restrictive covenants are overseen by the home owners association and include but are not limited to building size requirements, construction setbacks, septic requirements, etc. 

Q  Is there a home owners association with in the community?

A  Yes, the home owners association is very active within the community and all lot/building owners become members at the time of purchase. The association actively enforces restrictive covenants, including building approvals, maintains the water system, maintains the common areas including boulevards and entrance way and frequently takes on special projects to enhance the community. Association fees are minimal and the board is comprised of volunteer members elected during an annual general meeting

Q  How many homes are there in Leisure Lee?

A  There are currently 19 homes in Leisure Lee with a mix of local residents and second home owners.


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